Thursday, May 31, 2007

Menopause A to Z

I’ve got a few years folks…but it’s a comin’ up quickly!

I’m talking about menopause. I found this great article over at Menopause A to Z that describes the early symptoms of menopause…oh dear me…I am experiencing a lot of those symptoms! Maybe I’m a little closer than I thought!!

I know that menopause represents a tough time for many women but it doesn’t have to be that way. At Menopause A to Z you will find a ton of helpful articles and even a community of people who will help you through this hard time. I love that this site brings us information and tips from women who have been through this…it’s very encouraging to hear from these women!

Here are a few of the articles I liked:

Basic Skin Care
Taming Headaches Naturally
Riding the Menopause Mood Swing Rollercoaster

These are just a few of the articles sure to check out the forums for more!

***This is a sponsored post.***

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