Wednesday, October 17, 2007

You've Never Worked With My Skin Type Before...Have You?

Quite a few years ago I used to sell skincare through a well-known company. I used to do a lot of reading on the subject of skin care and make-up so I would be able to understand the different benefits of the products. I needed to know and understand anti-oxidants, what did beta-carotenes really do and what is PABA among many other things. It wasn’t required that we learn all there is to know about the ingredients but my curious mind demanded I do so!

I remember one time I was doing a makeover on an Asian friend. This was absolutely hilarious, but also an eye-opening experience for me because I had no idea what to do with Asian skin. I just remember my friend looking at me and saying “you’ve never worked with my skin type before have you?”. I fessed up, we both laughed and I learned a little about Asian skin. I didn’t sell her any skincare because I wasn’t sure it was going to be the best thing for her. I know I had foundations and eyeshadows for darker complexions, but what about the skin care? Was it the best for her??

Fast forward few years and now I’ve read that my friend has the AMO (Asian, Mediterranean, and other Olive) skin type and that there are special products that have been developed just for these skin tones. I’ve discovered that these skin types are very sensitive and that products for these people should be hypoallergenic and they should not contain hydroquinone. I do know that the product I was selling was hypoallergenic, but I have no idea about the hydroquinone!

Now, I have always had the skin type classified as “Normal” so I have never ever had to really search for special products and for that I’m fortunate. These gals with AMO skin types though have had a different story…I’m sure they’ve had to try different things with some working and some not. Now there is a company called ORIKI Cosmeceuticals which produces skincare specifically formulated for AMO skin types.

If you are an AMO skin type and you have struggled with finding the right products, then you need to check out ORIKI. You’ll find your basic cleaners, toners, masks and moisturizers on the products page. Also, you’ll be able to purchase extras, like the Rejuvenating Cream, for your skin care regimen. There’s also a ton of information at the site…very interesting. I wish I had this kind of detailed information around when I was completely wrecking my friends face! Lol!!

I tried to do her eye make up too…all she could say was “tragic!”..and really, it was!! Lol~,

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This product can be use for men skin type or not, I means for ORIKI Cosmeceuticals ?

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