Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Did You Get Your Free Taco???

Did ya'll remember to go get your free taco from Taco Bell today?? After we picked Pete up from school we headed on over to the Taco Bell across from the mall. They were giving away tacos from 2 until 5. I was surprised that no one was there...just a few people. We got our tacos and then went to hunt down a pumpkin carving kit...why are there no pumpkin carving kits around??? Fortunately we found a kit and Nik is now carving his Naruto pumpkin...pictures to come later this evening!

I think Jake was the most moved by this free taco thing...doesn't it look like he's worshiping the taco god?? lol!! Nik reminded me that our God is the taco god...ah, yes, my child...I'm certain there will be the best tacos ev-uh on that feast table in Heaven!

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Sonya said...

I wanted to go get our free tacos but with these wisdom teeth being cut out only days ago, there was no way I could eat a taco! Dirt bags!