Thursday, October 4, 2007

Yard Barns For the Kids

Pete has always said that if we were to have more children that we would just buy ourselves one of those metal yard barns and put it up in the backyard. Voila! Extra bedrooms for the kids! Lol!! Well, of course, he was just kidding, but really with some of these Steel Buildings it would be rather nice!

I think I could go for the whole idea if it were going to be a quilting or craft studio for me! Now really, doesn’t that sound so much better than child storage?? I’d let the kids come in a play while I work so really, we all would benefit from this whole set up.

Have you seen some of these Steel Buildings?? There are some that are just average yard barn type storage units, but then there are some that have windows, decks, kitchens and more. A little kitchen and bathroom would be great for my studio. Windows would be a must too! I nice little porch/deck would also be nice…that way Pete could sit on the front porch while I work in my studio…and I guess the kids would be running in and out! Lol!!

Really, one of these buildings would be nice right now since I am in need of studio space. Otherwise, I may have to have little mini studios all over the house…now that’s just not right is it?! Lol!~

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