Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Safely Home Book Review

Are you able to read your Bible or worship freely? Do you have to hide your Bible? Can you sing praise songs without fear of losing your life? Well, Christians in China don't have the same privileges that a lot of us do and that is terrible.

Of course, those of you that know me know that I love Randy Alcorn's books. I think God has given Mr. Alcorn a great gift and I just am completely convicted when I read his books. Pete and I decided awhile back to include his book Heaven in our G.U.S. Boxes that we send out to families who are grieving the loss of a child. It's a wonderful book for anyone, not just those who have lost a loved one....but let's get back to Safely Home.

This book is about the persecution of Christian in China and really, I was stopped in my tracks several times. I have really taken for granted the fact that I can worship and read my bible freely without fear of being tortured or killed. I have taken for granted the fact that I can even get a bible....that I have several bibles in different translations on my shelf right now. That seems nuts when I think about how there are people in China who are thrilled to be able to copy a chapter or even a few verses from the bible. I am ashamed that I haven't appreciated more deeply my fortune.

Pete is reading this book right now, but when he is finished we are having Nik read it. I want Nik to realize how blessed we are to have the freedoms that we have and I want him to understand how God is completely in control even when it doesn't really look like it to us.

I borrowed this book from our church library, but I certainly want to add it to our home library. So those of you out there taking note of what I want for Christmas, this book is on my list now!

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