Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Taming Horrible Harry

How do you solve a problem like Harry? Well, you give him a book!!

Taming Horrible Harry is just the neatest book about a very bad monster that likes to scare people. He scares a little girl who drops her book...and this is where Harry's adventures with books begins. Delores del Dragon, who can read, offers to teach harry how to read...and he takes her up on her offer. Harry soon discovers that reading is waaaaay more fun than scaring people. The other monsters start noticing Harry's change in behaviour and they start asking him to read to then. Now Harry spends his time reading books and watching for the little girl he scared away...he leaves her book by the with a heart-shaped rock. Is that not the most tender thing??

Taming Horrible Harry is written by Lili Chartrand and illustrated by Roge. This story was originally written in French so we have Susan Ouriou to thank for her translation! Thank you all for such a wonderful book!!

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