Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ford Blue Oval Scholars Logo Design Contest

Calling all designers…young and old! Well, actually calling all designers 16 and older!

Ford Blue Oval Scholars is a web-based initiative that will provide Ford Motor Company Fund scholarship winners a place to network, share ideas about careers, learn about different jobs plus more.

To kick off the launch of this program, Ford has decided to hold a logo design contest. This contest is open to both amateur and professional designers and you must be 16 or older to participate. (Rats! That leaves us out…well, not me, but I’m not good with logos! Lol!)

First, there will be ten different logos chosen to compete in the first round. Those ten logos will be posted at the Ford Blue Oval Scholars site where scholarships winners will vote on their favorite logo. Of course, there can only be one first place, but just let me say that making it to the top ten means you a winner too! The first place winner will receive the Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium which retails for around $1700!! Second place will be getting a $300 design software package of choice and third place will receive a $150 design software package of choice. Fourth through tenth places are not forgotten though because those winners will be getting $50 music download cards!

I think this is a great opportunity for all you design people out there. If your logo wins, not only are you going to win a pretty cool prize but your design will be the official logo and tell me that won’t look good on a resume or in a design portfolio!

You need to hurry though…no time to waste! This contest is ending November 1st.

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