Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Looking for a Job

Have you ever wanted to go to a different city or country and secure a job? I’ve always thought it would be neat to work somewhere in the Virgin Islands, but there are other cities too that I think would be interesting to check out.

How about London? What kind of London jobs would you look for? I think I would look for a cooking job or maybe a job being a nanny. Of course, Pete would look for nursing jobs. Regardless of the area of work we would want, we would need to be able to find these job openings, right?

I’m sure there are several ways to look for these jobs. We could go there and start asking around…asking people if they know of anyone hiring. That’s hard work though and I think it would be much easier and efficient to check out the classifieds in the local papers. Going the paper route would uncover lots of jobs in London and ones we would want to pursue!

I, however, am quite ok with Pete working while I visit all the sites, do our daily shopping, visit with my new friends…..ahhhhh….


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