Sunday, October 7, 2007

2008 Presidential Candidates Widget

I saw this widget over at HomeMom3 . You can grab your widget at Military Blog Widgets. HomeMom3 has posted that when you grab your a widget and place it on your blog, Military Blog Widgets will donate $20 to the Fisher House. I actually didn't see that on the site....but I'm gonna trust HomeMom3 on this one....

btw, I took the quiz and it looks like a dude named John Cox is the person I need to be checking out. If I were to vote today, I would be voting for Ron Paul...Pete and I voted for Michael Peroutka in the past election....much to everyone's horror since we were "wasting our vote"....don't even get me started! lol! ...and I WILL delete any ugly comments...really, I will...don't mess with me! lol! Funny comments are welcome though..I can handle it! lol!


rleon said...

Hopefully this comment will make it!:) I just wanted to invite you to check my 08 quiz as well. Besides the list, it gives you a visual map of where you stand in the political sphere. It's in You can let me know your opinion in my blog as well

Homemom3 said...

The guy told me that he was donating $20 for every person that puts that widget on their blog. I sure hope so as I believe in the cause.

It's funny I had never heard of my guy either, at least I'm not alone.