Tuesday, October 30, 2007

In Need of New Faucets

I was going to take photos of all my faucets around the house, but when I started actually taking the photos, I realized how extremely sorry they all looked. I wanted to show you all why new faucets would make me really, really happy. Now, I’m just completely sad because seeing these faucets through my camera is just flat depressing. Obviously, I need some new faucets…you all will never ever know though because I would rather eat dirt than show you my horrible faucets! Lol!!

So here are some Moen faucets I’ve picked out:

For my kitchen:

I would love to have one of those neat pot filler faucets but I have no where to mount that since our sink is right ion front of a window. They are really neat though…I saw one on HGTV last week and thought it was a brilliant idea. I had no idea they were readily available. I thought they were unique creatures that had to be special ordered! Lol!! I’m so behind the times aren’t I? lol!!

For my bathrooms:

Don’t you love those frosted handles?? I wonder if they would get nicked though…hmmmm, maybe I’ll have to rethink those. Nonetheless, I love the look of them and I think they’d go great in both of my bathrooms. Of course, I’d have to have matching faucets for the the bathtubs….but I’m gonna have to save that for another time!

Now, can someone tell me how to protect these things from three children we fondly call “The Destroyers”????

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