Monday, October 1, 2007

Digital Camera Love

Jake is taking a photography class this fall at Co-op. He is thoroughly loving all the different tips and challenges that his teacher is giving him. I love to see his excitement and I can’t wait to see some of the photos he’s going to capture! Wouldn’t it be neat to have a digital photo frame to showcase his work in…what a way to boost his self esteem. I just know he would be thrilled!

Now, Belle is not old enough to take the photography class, but I still let her take my Kodak digital camera out in the backyard to catch some nature shots. She will often come running in the house searching for the camera so she can “capture some nature”…that’s what she says! Lol! I would never had let her do this with the old type of cameras….that would be wasting film, right? Lol!!

Anyway, I love having a digital camera. It has given my family a neat way to be creative and appreciate the world around us!

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Sonya said...

Y'all are creative with or w/o the camera! The camera just adds a little spice! LOL!