Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Avoiding the Flu...Ack!

OK…over the weekend, I had something that was kinda like the flu. I had a headache, my joints were achy and I was nauseous but I never had to throw up. I just knew that I would be going there soon! Fortunately, whatever I had was not the flu so my suffering was slight. This reminds me though of how much I do NOT want to get the flu this year…really, who does?

There are a gazillion different types of cures and preventions for the flu. One I just heard about is colloidal silver. There are several different types of silver colloids and you really need to do your research on them. There are some that are sold that contain ionic silver which can cause bluing of the skin and then there are products that contain mesocolloids and, in my opinion, these would be the ones to go with. They do not cause the bluing of the skin!

Of course, bluing of the skin is just one issue…I would like to know if it really can be a deterrent for the flu?? After some quick research, it seems like colloidal silver has many benefits, both medical and non-medical. I’m curious though, have ya’ll tried this before and what were the results??

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spencer jones said...

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