Monday, October 29, 2007

Football Time

Now that it’s getting cooler outside it’s really starting to feel like football season. I know teams have been playing for awhile now, but I’ve not really payed attention because it just didn’t seem like it was time for football games, ya know??

I’m not a huge fan of football, but if I had to pick a team it would be the Dallas Cowboys. Now, I have no idea if they are a good team or not…I just remember wanting to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader when I was young! Lol!! I really thought those gals were soooooo cool. As I’ve grown though, my interest in the Cowboys has changed because Jason Whitten is from right here in our little ol’ East Tennessee town! Now, how cool is that?? I’ve not met him personally, but I do know that he is generous with his time when he comes back here. He seems to be a nice guy! I would think he was really nice if he were to stop by here and drop off some Cowboys tickets !! lol!! Of course, there would be that whole issue of Pete getting out of school and off work so we could go…and then there are the kids, we’d want them to go…and then we’d need the extra money for a place to stay…(sigh)….ok, ok….I guess I’d give them to my dear friend Sonya who is such a huge sports fan that really and truly she would deserve them more than me anyway!

So…Sonya, just know that if Jason Whitten drops by here with football tickets then they are yours!

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