Monday, October 22, 2007

Just Give Me Snowflakes

Forget about buying Christmas presents! I want to buy things to make my home look and feel festive not toys and such. I know, I know, I’m no fun at all, but really this year I would like some nice Christmas decorations. Nothing too Christmasy just some things that have a winter feel…anything snowflake would be good I guess. You know, really, with snowflakes and snowmen you get more bang for your buck since you can use these not only at Christmas but through the winter months too.

I think I’ll check out the snow themed decorations at Target and at first because really, these two stores are flat out my favorites! They always have the neatest items and the prices are great too. And you know what’s even better? I can save even more money since I have coupons for these stores!

Not interested in these stores as much as I am? No problem because there are a bazillion other stores…well, maybe not that many…at that have coupon codes too. You just need to make it a habit to check this site out before you complete your “checkout” at any store where you are making purchases. Chances are that will have a coupon code you can use to save some money. Cool Beans!!

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