Thursday, October 4, 2007

Like Brother...Like Sister

I know this isn’t right, but I’ve been having so much fun morphing my son Nik into different people….and things! Not only is this just completely fun to put together, but I can also use these morphs to bribe my son into doing things! Bwaahhhahhaahh!! I mean really, he will croak when he sees some of the morphs I’ve put together. I don’t think they are embarrassing, but you know what a 13 year old is going to say!

No, really, I won’t use these morphs to manipulate my son (or will I? bwaahhahaha!!). I will have a lot of fun though….and I was going to say that I would teach him how to morph photos, but after a second thought, that’s probably not a good idea, ‘eh?

I’ve used the Morpheus Photo-Morpher to create my morphs. It is incredibly easy to use and the help section is great. There are some changes that I want to make in my morph so I’m going to go back in and change a few things around and try some new options. I also want to try to morph more than two things…that can be done, I just haven’t tried it yet!

You can get learn more about the Morpheus Photo-Morpher by visiting Zoombli. It’s loads of fun…very good chance you will become addicted! Lol!

***sponsored by Zoombli***

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