Monday, October 1, 2007

Pedro and Pablo Plantain , a Surgeon and an Unknown As of Yet

Well, folks it’s October first and you know what that means….not only is it my birthday, but it’s the official start date of costume hunting for Halloween! Wooohooo!! We have several ideas floating around but we haven’t settled on one specific theme yet. We won’t do that until the eve of Halloween when all the costumes are gone! Lol!!

If you are one of those people though, that like to stay ahead of the game you will start looking for Halloween Costumes right this very minute …or at least right after you read this! I only wish I could be like you and not procrastinate so much!

So what ideas are we tossing around in our minds? Nik and Jake have mentioned that they would like to dress up like Pedro and Pablo Plantain. Very creative ‘eh…what this really means is that we’ll have to actually make these costumes. Not a big deal if we start right now, but remember, that’s not how we roll around here! We have to wait to the last minute…

Now, there is some good news on the Halloween costume front. Belle is going to dress up like a surgeon and we were able to pick up an el cheapo costume at Dollar Tree. In fact, I bought two in case there was an accident…a rippage accident since the costume really is el cheapo.

And what about the little wiener dog….as much as I hate to do it, I think he needs a costume. I have no clues for this one....and no, don’t suggest a hot dog because that’s been done before. We need something very creative and something we can have a complete meltdown over the night before…remember, that’s how we roll!~

Sigh…one day I will have everything in order. (I hear you laughing…)


Karen said...

Happy Birthday!!!

TeaMouse said...

Happy Birthday to you!

I'm amazed that your dog actually lets you put a halloween costume on - my Oliver would have a fit if I tried. I can't even get him to wear a coat and last winter we even tried It did not go over well.

Sonya said...

Happy Birthday my dirtbag friend!

Dress Milo up like a pickle. That's creative! LOL!