Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Max's Dragon Shirt

I have fought it folks...I really have. These rabbits are so stinkin' cute and that's why this is soooooo hard for me say....I. don't. like. these. stories. There, it's out there!

Regardless of my feelings, Belle loves these stories and since I love her dearly, I will lean into the pain I feel when I am reading them. Here's what slays me about these stories.....there is NO MOM!! Where in the world is the mom?? I know, I know, these are just stories...all make believe, but I need for these little rabbit kids to have a mom. Can't. stand. it! Just show me the mom!

In Max's Dragon Shirt, by Rosemary Wells, Max and his sister Ruby head out to buy Max a new pair of pants. Ok, I will have to say that these stories do mention "Mother", but I still need to know where she is. In this story, she has given Ruby money for Max's pants....how generous, how about actually taking your rabbit son to the store instead of dumping that job on your rabbit daughter. All the stories I have seen or read have Ruby doing all the work...again, this may not be true and if I could just see the mom somewhere I would not be so crazy whacked out about this! But I digress....

Ruby tells Max that they can buy a pair of pants but there will be no more money for a Dragon shirt. Max and Ruby get separated and Max proceeds to wiggle himself into a Dragon shirt which he gets dirty. Since the shirt is dirty, it has to be purchased and Max gets his shirt after all.

Cute as cute can be, but like I said, I don't like these books! Ack!

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