Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Big Ol' Texas Turkey Leg

This video reminded me of the time I was fortunate enough to visit the Texas State Fair with my nephew and my niece and her husband. I was pregnant at the time and I'll never forget how my nephew took such good care of me. Really, he asked me if I was ok like every five minutes! lol!

Another thing I'll never forget is my niece trying to eat a turkey leg...a huge turkey leg! Every time she would buy one, her husband would tell her that she didn't need to be eating that awful thing and he would proceed to take it from her and eat it! She would buy another one and he would do the same thing...I think it started out being a joke but after awhile my niece was not laughing. I can't remember if she ever got to eat one...all I do remember is that it was HUGE!

I opted for the Twister Taters....yum! more thing I remember...Big Tex the big ol' Texas cowboy statue!

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