Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Straight Me!

Just ask my husband and all my friends….I need a change. Not a big change but something different….different make-up…a new outfit….a different hairstyle…something! I just had a birthday and though I’m not feeling old, I really am looking the part! Lol!

So when I got the opportunity to play around at this makeover site, I jumped!! I tried all sorts of hairstyles…longs, mediums and shorts…wavy and straight. What I ended up going with was a straight look because I will never ever have straight hair and I figured this would be one of the few times I had the chance to see myself with straight hair. What I didn’t realize though was that I got only one free “look”…so I wasted my makeover look on one that is just not possible. My hair is wavy and that’s how life is…I’m not willing to do all the work to make it straight! Lol! So…just keep that in mind when you go to do your makeover, you’ve got one freebie (however, you can upgrade your account for more looks)…I know you’re going! Lol!

I went with a straight hairstyle with blonde/brown highlights and reddish brown lowlights. I did the full face makeup look since I hardly ever where make up anymore (that is changing soon..stay tuned) and I got a…well…hmmm…an interesting look! Lol! I think I really need smaller glasses….and that’s all the bashing I’m gonna do! Lol!

Over all…that was a ton of fun and you should go there and make yourself over. Be sure to post your before and after screenshot and come back here and let me know…so I can come tell you how lovely you look!!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great link!



Sonya said...

I really like this straight look on you. Really. You should get that! LOL! I know you won't but you'd look smokin' hot!

dawnae said...

Oh wow, I am loving your straight look! You look so professional! I am where you takes so much to get my hair straight, it would take me all morning! Make up...right now...just don't have the time. It is so sad, when I do wear it, my poor husband tells me honey, you look so good. (He can't seem to figure out what I did to "look" so good) :)

Thanks for checking out my art web site. I have been frantically painting getting some inventory, I have sold everything! I have been off the blogging giving all my energies to getting some painting done.

This was a cute post! I will have to check out the make over site!

bokjae said...

Hi judy! Is that real? No Morphing job? Hehe! Hey I have got an Award for you! Visit
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