Monday, October 22, 2007

Chat Support Works

When I was searching around for a host for my “blue blog”, I took a lot of different things into consideration. Since I am a newbie when it comes to owning your own domain and such, I wanted to use a host that would be able to help me and explain things in a way I understand. I was pleased to see that the host I was interested in used a live chat format so I could ask questions and get my answer back fairly quickly. Of course, that’s what the chat feature said but was it true? Would these people be readily available when they said they were?? Well, yes! They acknowledged me almost immediately and answered my question quickly! Now, I have seen support chat before, but I really never thought it could be so quick.

Not only, is support chat great for service oriented businesses, but it could also be used in businesses where you are selling an actual product. If people can ask specifics about something then they are more likely to make the purchase.

One chatting service available is which is easy to use and quite affordable. I like that it seems easy to “install”…all you have to do is add a small bit of code to your site and then you are up and running. This code will create a picture that lets others know when you are online and when you are not. There are different ways to customize your chat support and different types of information that can be gathered about your visitors: location, page views, etc.

All in all, I think having chat support on a business site is a great idea…and in my case, it lead to a sale for the hosting company I chose! Just something to think about…..

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