Monday, October 22, 2007

Embracing My Bags and Bat Wings

Sooo...I'm just doing a little bit of surfing on the net while Jake is crossing out the prepositional phrases in his grammar assignment and I come across this photo retouching site. Now, hear my heart here...the person who has done these touch-ups is very good, but what I want to focus on are the before shots. These gals have eye bags all over the place and that makes me feel sooooo good! lol!! Really, some of these people look like death warmed over on a cracker. Eye Bags and Bat Wings have been removed making these gals look sensational...which we all know the truth...they are not perfect and we need to remember that! I still like looking at the before and afters though...some are good, some are even quite artistic and some are just plain scary! lol!

Here are some more retouched photos:
Even Models Have Flaws
Glenn Feron.... warning--some photos are not for little ones eyes
Digital Retouch Readers Gallery

Quite interesting....

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