Sunday, June 3, 2007

Seeing Stars...

I’m having trouble choosing what topic I’m going to teach my two youngest this coming year. Botany, Zoology or Astronomy….I just don’t know!

I tell you what would help me decide though! If I were to get the Meade mySky I would certainly commit to teaching Astronomy! The Meade mySky is a new hand held guide that locates and indentifies celestial bodies in the night sky. I think this may be one of the best telescopes I have ever seen!! I would love to have this equipment because it seems so easy to use and I think it would be a fantastic way to explore our universe. I could even see us planning a party and inviting our friends and neighbors over to use this neat telescope. Hmmm…the wheels are turning!!

ps....Dad, this would be a great gift for Toddy...or for me and my family. I would let you come up and use it anytime you wanted!! Really...I would!

***This is a sponsored post.***
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