Friday, June 22, 2007


You all know my dad has not been feeling well lately. Well, I can’t think of anyone more deserving of a nice tropical vacation. If we could get him to set foot on an airplane in order to get to an island destination, he would really enjoy himself! I can see him now, in the hotel room getting ready to watch tv go out to the beach and sit under one of those big umbrellas so he doesn’t burn…and he would burn because he’s a red-head…or I guess I should say he was a red-head! After lounging under his umbrella, he would take mom out shopping and then they would have a nice candlelit dinner overlooking the ocean.

Since I have very little funds to send my poor little dad on a vacation, I have sent him a postcard instead! I went to the Beaches site to Build A Sandcastle to send through e-mail. It was fun to design my own sandcastle with all the different building elements. I picked my location and then I started to build! After I was through building, I added a beach ball and some crabs. Of course, my kids are hovering over me and want to make their own…I think I’ll use this as an incentive to get their chores done! Lol!!

Check out the gallery where you can see other sandcastles!

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Elizabeth said...

What a great idea for an e-card! Great sandcastle too :)