Thursday, June 21, 2007

Free Photo to Canvas!

As I look around my home, I am realizing that we have very few photos on our walls. I love when I enter a home and I see all these family photos…it’s so nice! My home, is just the opposite and I need to do something about it and soon!

I do have a few photos on my bookshelves but they are small. I think I want something fairly large to hang on the wall in the den. I have quite a few photos I would like to use. I am tempted to have a photo enlargement of Gus done but I really don’t want my other children to feel like he is more important. I just miss him and would love to have a larger photo of him for my walls.

Another option…and a much better option…is to enlarge a photo of all the kids. I only have a few of all of them together. There is a really special one from my birthday a few years ago. I think that may be the one I use! If not, then maybe I can enlarge 4 separate photos…but then there’s Pete…I can’t leave him out! Oh, all the decisions….it’s too hard to decide! Lol

Fortunately for me, I am going to be receiving a 16X20 canvas for absolutely FREE! That will make a nice start toward making my home more warm and friendly!! Neat!

***This is a sponsored post.***

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