Thursday, June 21, 2007

Background Checks

Do you all remember several months ago when Pete and I decided to have some home repairs done? All was going well and we were very pleased with our new back deck and the new gables that were built on the front of the house. The gables really gave our some “maturity”…they really added something to the overall look of our home.

Well, that was just a dream…our home looking lovely. Our contractor did half of the job and then never returned. We had not paid him all the money but definitely more that we should have. Pete and I have been so disappointed in this man….

From now one, whenever we are going to hire someone to do something for us, we’re going to do a more thorough search of their background, criminal history, work history, etc. There’s really no need for anyone to have to go through the mess we’ve gone through when you have a service like available right at your fingertips!

At there are several searches you can perform. This site also explains how reports are compiled, what’s the difference between public and private information and when public information becomes public information. You can also check out your own background history which is always a good thing to do to make sure it’s all accurate.

I would have certainly used this service if I had known about it before hiring our scoundrel contractor!!

***This is a sponsored post.***

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