Thursday, June 28, 2007


Pete used to be a manager at Radio Shack. There was a time several years ago that we considered relocating so Pete could manage a larger store. The company had several openings in Texas and in Florida that kind of looked promising to us…of course I didn’t want to move at all but I was willing. At the time, I didn’t know about companies that helped you with your relocation…I was quite overwhelmed with all the work that I thought it was going to be….sigh….I also figured we would be spending some time in an apartment and that meant that we would need storage and I wouldn’t really be able to set up my home. An apartment would have been temporary. The whole event was quickly becoming a complete nightmare to me!

We ended up not relocating so my nightmare didn’t come true!

Now I know about the services moving companies offer to people relocating! If we ever do need to move, I’ll be calling on a moving company and I’ll be using the expertise of their relocating professionals…because goodness knows, I would have no idea what I’m doing! And what if I needed auto transport and international shipping? Well, the relocating professionals can help with that too!

I think I could handle a relocation now!! Lol!!

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