Thursday, June 28, 2007

Quick and Scrappy Log Cabins

I have been working on cleaning off my craft table so I can actually work on it and have the room I need. Because I am easily thrown off task, I decided to take the scraps that were cluttering my table and create these little scrappy log cabins. That way I cleaned and created at the same time...completely fun! I'm still working on my table though.....I know you all surprised! lol!!

I found the tutorial for my scrappy log cabins over at Craft Actually. Her scrappy log cabins have a Christmas feel to me...I like them a lot and I usually don't dig the typical red and green theme....

I would love to see any that you all make!
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Sonya said...

Forget me making one, I want one of those! You had to be thinking of me when you made them because look at all that pink! LOL!

I ran into our Mary today. She really needs to blog!

Lavender said...

Came over for a catch up and WOW! Im going GA-GA for those squares - Bravo on the colours Mate! I imagine your craft table would be fun to explore with colours like those scattered around!