Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cliffside Malibu Drug Rehab

I went to middle school with a guy who ate crickets and drank lighter fluid. Really, I did! Everyday, we would have a break from school and all the classes would go out to the kickball field. Some of us would play kickball, some of us would sit around and gossip and then there was one of us that would catch crickets, eat them then take a swig of lighter fluid. Sadly, this guy was very popular and this brought him even more fame!

Fast forward quite a few years. Are you wondering what happened to the cricket-eating, lighter fluid-drinking guy? Well, he’s been in and out of jail several times and he is not in great shape! Surprise, surprise…he is addicted to drugs in a big way. I think he had a rough life growing up and certainly has had a rough time as an adult…but he is an adult now and it’s time for him to make a change. I just hope he knows that….

There are many places he could go for drug rehab. If I could pick a place for him, I would send him to Cliffside Malibu for treatment. The facilities there are just beautiful and I think the peaceful atmosphere would be good for him. He’s an athletic guy so I know he would really enjoy the workout room! Going through drug rehab is not a vacation though…it’s hard work. The staff would work with him to develop a program designed specifically for him. He would be counseled and encouraged and if he’s willing he would recover from his addiction to drugs.

It would make my heart glad to see him get the help he needs. Other than eating crickets and drinking lighter fluid, he was a pretty cool guy!

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Stacey said...

Woah! Lighter fluid for real? That's so sad, Jenny...he didn't have a chance. Are you planning on locating him and reaching out? I'd love an update if you do that, my friend. xo

Sonya said...

Sounds like a guy I went to school with. He ate bees and stuff and loved to cut himself and suck the blood out in front of everyone. Pretty gross. Not sure what happened to him!

Anonymous said...

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