Saturday, June 30, 2007

Weekend Reflection

Another good week here Up the Hill!

Pete had two tests this past week and he did wonderfully on them. He's so smart...I really don't think I could take in all the info he is taking in and I certainly wouldn't be able to do well on the tests! He's really smart!

We started reading Treasure Island this week. We are also putting together PowerPoint presentations about different pirates. Jake asked if he could do three pirates! Uh...YES!! I love when my kids get excited about learning!

Judi called! It's always nice to talk to my dear friend!! I've missed her!

I started reading Kite Runner as part of a reading challenge...well, actually, I signed up for 3 reading challenges! lol!! Scroll down to see the ones I've signed up for....

I won a book from Deena! Fun!!

My house still looks like a drug dealer's it smells like a landfill....I need an extreme home clean out or something! lol!!

I also found out that two women from our church have been diagnosed with cancer. One has breast cancer and will be having surgery on Monday. The other lady has cancer that has spread throughout her lymph system...she is terminal and I'm praying that God will show me exactly how I can minister to her and her family. Please keep these two women in your prayers....

ok...the smell is getting to me so I'm ending this time of reflection....

Visit more WR over at Judi's blog!

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Anonymous said...

LOL! I am sure it doesn't look like a drug dealer den or smell like a landfill. I am still waiting for you to tell me when we are having our "girls weekend". I need you to teach me to sew. I am very impressed with Pete. Pat him on the back for me. I know I couldn't do it!

Lavender said...

Your description of the state of your house had me laughing - oh my goodness, thanks for the laugh. I think monday here is going to have to be a housework day - cause Im refusing to do it today! LOL
Best wishes for your two friends, its a hard road to travel.