Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Click and Clack

Photo by gmwnkcmo

I had such high hopes for Click and Clack. They were going to grow into great big, strong and healthy frogs and go out into the world and make us all proud....but what did they do instead? They up and died on us! Sheesh....

The first night Click and Clack were with us was very stressful for me! Click was doing well...swimming around with his little arms and legs going strong. Clack, however, didn't look so good. He was just kind of floating toward the bottom of the bowl...I was certain he was going to die. I would poke him and he would move but not very much. I went to bed that night certain that Clack would be dead in the morning.

When I went to check on the tads, I was completely surprised to see Clack sitting up on the rock looking like a little frog! He changed over night! I guess he was just "resting" before the big change...I felt bad for poking him! lol!! I really had no idea that tads slowed down that much before becoming a frog.

I was thrilled that Clack had survived! I then noticed that Click was floating underwater. Click didn't seem to be moving as much but I wasn't terribly worried because I had been through this with Clack! Later in the day, I noticed that Click was all stretched out....and dead....but still, I held out hope because maybe he was just really in a deep rest! lol!! Unfortunately, I checked on him later and it was obvious that he was good and dead. And there sat Clack, up on his rock as if he was waiting for Click to come join him. It was sad! I mean really, it was!

That evening, I went to look at Clack (because he was just so darn cute!) and I found him right beside Click....underwater....with his legs stretched out....dead! Can you believe that?? Sheesh-a-moley.....little punk tadpoles!

Oh well, there's always next year....

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Opal: Vegan Momma said...

Aww poor Click & Clack. I guess he was lonely. What on earth do they eat at that stage and how often?
Oh by the way cute names!