Friday, June 15, 2007

The Covered Bridge

photo by Ryan Rice

Well, another year has passed for the Covered Bridge Celebration and I missed it again! This year was the 41st celebration...I missed the crafts, the music...sigh....the funnel cakes. I guess what I need to do is go ahead and mark my calendar for next year since it usually takes place at the same time. Since I've got nothing to share as far as the celebration s concerned, I thought I would share a bit about this covered bridge.

The Elizabethton Covered Bridge was built in 1882 with a budget of $3000 for the bridge and $300 for approachments. The court appointed committee was unable to find a contractor to build this bridge so a local doctor, E. E. Hunter, accepted the contract and hired qualified contractors to do the work.

This bridge contains one span, a wooden Howe Truss that reaches 137 feet long. The total length of the bridge is 154.3 feet. The bridge is only open to foot traffic now, but in the recent past it was open to cars. We would drive through, making sure our windows were rolled up so that Granny February wouldn't sneak in and get us!! You'll have to visit again to read about Granny February!

The covered bridge is right beside a nice park where there are picnic tables. If you visit the bridge, be sure to go and watch the fish tyring to swim up the stream! And if you feel that you need to get your feet wet, be sure you have shoes that are tied on...Jake lost a shoe about a month ago! lol!!

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captain lifecruiser said...

I found those bridges very interesting, we don't have them over here in sweden, not that kind and especially not with roof or covered at all.

Ryan said...

This is Ryan Rice.
I see that you found one of my photos on wikipedia. Thanks for actually giving me credit for the photo and linking to my website. Some people don't understand that they have to give others credit for their work.