Thursday, June 28, 2007

Preschool Science

Remember me saying that I was going to be teaching a Kindergarten Science class this year at our local homeschool co-op? Well, I’ve been moved to Pre-School Science now….so the lessons I’ve put together are a little too advanced for my littles! Soooo…I am starting over. And really, that’s ok because I love putting together lesson plans.

I’m going to start by finding some books. I want to read a story about a science topic and then do an easy craft project. I would love to find some books that actually tell a story rather than just tell about the topic. I have one book for the four seasons….it’s about four puppies who grow and as they grow they notice that the earth around them is changing. In comes a wise ol’ squirrel that tells them about Winter…and then Spring…etc.

Do you have any book recommendations for me??
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BrettBum said...

Hi Jenny,

We received your registration through the LinkyLoveArmy. Unfortunately, the email provided in the registration, which I do not want to disclose here is not working. Could you contact us via email so that we can try and get the email corrected.

Separately, My wife is a 4th grade teacher but student taught preschool and kindergarten. I believe she has some lesson plans and ideas that you might be able to use. I'm forwarding her a link to this post.

Best Regards,

Brett Bumeter

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Stacey said...

Jenny, are you KIDDING me? If you find something like that, then you need to take time to read it to ME, lol. xo

Deena said...

No, I don't have a suggestion...except you need to stop by My Bookshelf and see what's oing on there today:-)

Kymberlyn said...


I don't know any books quite in the format that you are speaking of, but I will offer you a suggestion. My kids and I are science project crazy. We do several each week. I always try to tie an experiment into something else. For instance, last winter Nick and I read about the dead sea. He learned how it has the highest salt concentrations, how nothing lives in it and how everyone floats- you get it. Anyhow, we then did things that demonstate this info. For example if you place an egg in a glass of water it will sink to the bottom but when you add a reasonable amount salt the egg floats. Take a glass of concentrated salt water and let it set out to evaporate. each day observe the water levels and eventually there is nothing left other than the salt. I am sure you get the point. Basically tie your experiments into other things like history or geography.

Doing the naked egg experiment with preschoolers would be great. The egg is submerged in vinegar and the calcium is removed from the shell. Much like our bones, calcium makes the shell hard- so something like an egg in vinegar can easily become a lesson in nutrition.

Sorry for being so windy :)