Friday, June 15, 2007

Going to Disney?

Pete is obsessed with going to Disney World!

I mean really, he is…you should see all the planning and surfing around the net he does. And do I need to even mention all the dvds, videos and planning packs we receive weekly in the mail?! All this tells me that we WILL be going to Disney World…do or die! Lol!!

Now we all know that there are tons of hotels around Orlando but I would love to stay in a Disney vacation home so we could cook our own meals and not have to share a community washer and dryer! A vacation home would be great too if we are going to invite other family members to come along. Of course, we would definitely need a home with a pool!! I don’t think the kids would ever forgive us if there was not a pool!!

So Pete…any idea when we are going??

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