Friday, June 15, 2007

Ijam's Nature Center

photo courtesy Ijams Nature Center

When we were in Knoxville during Gus' stay at East Tennessee Children's Hospital, we liked to go out to Ijams Nature Center. It was nice to get away from the hospital!

Ijams Nature Center is a 160 acre wildlife sanctuary and environmental education center located In Knoxville.

In 1910, H.P. and Alice Yoe Ijams built their home and proceeded to develop their twenty acres into a wildlife sanctuary. H.P. was an artist and Alice was a horticulturists. They both loved birds and plants and loved the whole process of creating the sanctuary. Many people in the community were fortunate enough to be able to enjoy the sanctuary also. In fact, the couple loved to support the local boy and girl scouts!

Today, this nature center offers quite a few day camps, programs and even several evening events. Some of the ones I found interesting were the Owl Prowls, Bug Night and Trash To Treasure. Most of these programs are a small fee of around $5. The day camps, of course, a bit more.

Right now at the nature center you can see the Lost Species Exhibit featuring the Passenger Pigeon and Ivory-Billed Woodpecker. You can see a slide show of these animals here. When you are finished with the slide show be sure to check out the online galleries!

If we lived closer to Ijams, we would be visiting often! I think their programs are very affordable and interesting!!

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captain lifecruiser said...

Birds are awesome, nature are awesome, everything connected to it is just wonderful :-)

It's apity though that not everybody is trained to love the nature and take care of it...