Monday, June 25, 2007

Pete Needs to Golf

Along time ago, before wife and kids, Pete would enjoy quite a few games of golf with his buddies. He hasn’t played golf in ages and in fact, I think he may have sold his golf clubs because they are not in the closet anymore!

I wonder if Pete would like to start playing golf again…I wonder if it would be a good stress reliever for him. You know he’s working full time and is in the accelerated nursing program at our local college so he does have a lot on his plate but I wonder if playing golf would be nice. We all need a break from things don’t we?

I’ve heard that Titleist golf clubs are the “Cadillac of clubs” so I think Pete deserves a new set of these! And of course he would need a new golf bag too…and shoes…and we can’t forget gold balls. Now I’m sure the boys would want to play along with him and this would be great! Pete has always said that we should teach our children to golf well so that they could take care of us with all that money they would win! I think that’s a great idea….though, I’ll be honest, it would be a treat to have the kids out of the house for an afternoon so I could clean out their room! Lol!!

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