Friday, June 29, 2007

Want Some Free Transformer Movie Passes?

Look at this neat promotion I found out about earlier today! You can get 6 FREE Transformer movie passes and a $250 Visa card! How cool is that?? Click on the banner below to read the details and grab your free passes!!

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My boys have always liked Transformers. For years, the Transformer aisle was where they both would head! Their love for these toys started early. I remember when Jake was just a wee little guy, he would go around singing the Transformers theme song…well, he sang his own version which went “Transformers, robots in the skies!”. Cute!

Needless to say, my boys are getting very excited about seeing the Transformer movie. Pete has sent us several e-mails from work that have a Transformer the movie trailor included…gee, Pete do you ever do any work?! Lol! The sending of these e-mails makes me think that Pete is excited too! I think this would be a wonderful night out with the boys…Fun!

July 4th is the big day……

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Drew said...

The movie was awesome! Can't wait to see it again.