Saturday, June 30, 2007

Going on Vacation?

A few years ago, Pete and I went on a company trip to St. John, US Virgin Islands. We were so excited to be going…I mean really, how often do parents get to go to a tropical island without the kids!

We got to the airport and boarded our plane only to find out that we had to deboard because there were mechanical problems. Ok…gladly! I didn’t really want to fly in an airplane that wasn’t safe! Lol! We ended up being bumped to First Class which was really nice.

After flying all day…and I mean all day…we finally arrived on St. Thomas around 10pm. We were supposed to arrive about noon. It was raining cats and dogs and we had to catch a water taxi to get over to St. John. When we arrived at the resort, we were greeted with Rum Punch and cashews. We had already missed the big welcoming party with all the wonderful foods and drinks…we missed all the entertainment…in essence, we missed our first day of vacation!

Now, this was a company trip and everything was paid for so there was no way we were going to complain. All this did make me wonder though…what kind of recourse would we have if we had paid for this trip ourselves? Vacations are expensive and it’s not unusual for something to go wrong…it’s just the way it is!

Looking into travel insurance is not a bad idea at all. TravelSafe Insurance is a company that has been providing travel insurance for over 35 years. They offer policies that cover inclement weather, medical evacuations, terrorism, trip cancellation/interruption and more. I would think that travel insurance would be a necessity if you are traveling to another country. I would feel so much better about having the insurance…I’d be able to relax and enjoy my vacation…and that’s the important thing! Lol!

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