Thursday, June 21, 2007

8 Random Things

I've been tagged by Manilla Mom to do this "8 Random Things Meme". I know there have been other people out there who have tagged me too and I'm sorry that I haven't been able to keep up with them today I'm starting brand new! I've got my little notebook ready and I'll write down all the info so I won't forget!!!

1. I can play the flute and piccolo but I hate playing the piccolo!
2. I can't eat chicken on the bone because of all the blood veins and vessels and grisle and ack!!!
3. I was a drum major in high school.
4. I was VP in charge of Membership in my sorority (Delta Zeta)
5. I once snuck into Dr. Bass' Body Farm in Knoxville...was caught by security and escorted back to my friends house where we were spending the night...later we drank Bartles & James wine coolers! lol!!
6. I grew up in a family business...Customs Drapes and lungs are probably coated with fibers....
7. I have had a child on the national transplant list...waited for a liver/small bowel.
8. I completed a very rough draft of my first novel during NaNoWriMo 2006! you know just a bit more about me! I'm tagging any reader that wants to do this meme at their blog...but please come back and tell me so I can come read about you!!

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Manila Mom said...

1 & 3: Wow, the flute, piccolo and drums! You are quite the musician!

2: You can give me those chicken parts anytime. :D

4: Hmm, you must have been a big shot at the sorority, hehe.

5: Ah, those carefree days!

6: I can just imagine how pretty your house must be, with all those custom drapes and bedspreads!

7: Sad to hear about this.But you said "had." Has the transplant been done?

8: Great to hear about your novel. Don't stop now.

I enjoyed reading these random facts about you!

Thanks for doing the meme! :D

Sonya said...

So now I know that it's the fibers on your lungs that makes you so nuts!

Manila Mom said...

Yes,I now remember reading about Gus in Gus' Gang.

You're a very strong woman to be able to support all those families as they go through their own ordeal. I know it's not easy being reminded of the difficult times. My baby brother, Taddy Boy, died of leukemia at 14 months so I know how harrowing it can be to see a baby that sick.

True, they are happiest now.

More power to your ministry!