Sunday, June 3, 2007

Oh! Pardon Me!!

"There are authentic, scientific studies that have looked at people drinking these kinds of materials," said Freeze, referring to glyconutrients. "And it doesn't really do anything except increase flatulence."

So...have you heard about the miracle sugar pill that will cure any ailment or disease you have? Apparently it does more than cure makes you fart!! It's called Ambrotose and it's a whopping $200 a month. Mannatech, the company that sells this miracle drug, says that our bodies don't produce enough simple sugars needed for cells to communicate the way they should.

Two of the leading scientist in the field of Glycobiology disagree. Both Dr. Hudson Freeze and Dr. Ronald Schnarr say that we do get the sugars that we need. They also question whether or not our bodies can even break down the Ambrotose. That doesn't sound so good!

I'm still going to go back to the flatulence comment by Dr. Freeze....that right there would be enough to discourage me from taking this sugar pill!! Now my boys, they would probably pay big bucks for these pills!!
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St. Amy Jane said...

well we need a pill to stop farting... LOL