Sunday, June 3, 2007

Weekend Reflection

We've had a good week!

This past week, we celebrated the coronation of our sweet little boy Gus. We were fortunate enough to be able to spend a nice evening with some new friends. There was great conversation...and I have a feeling that there will be more great conversations! We feasted on this wonderful crockpot dish with chicken, artichoke hearts, tomatoes....what else, Jennifer?? Send me the recipe!! It was a wonderful way to celebrate the day!

Pete took a huge test on Tuesday and got an 86! WooHoo!! We are very was a very hard test and only the brilliant ones pass! lol! No, really, if you don't pass this test then you are booted out of the Accelerated program....shew bobs...that would have been the pits...

I had to drain my funds I've earned through writing ads and posting them here. Our computer died and since we use it a lot for school (Pete's assignments, my pharmacy tech course, and homeschool) we bought a new tower. I'm pleased that I was able to pay for this myself!! Well, Pete had a to throw in the tax! lol!

Because I had to buy the new computer, I was not able to go to the used curriculum sale this weekend. Mary (who refuses to blog) found me the Apologia Science set I needed and she picked it up for me! Aren't you jealous Sonya???? Btw, Sonya...we are going to do the same science as Logan and Mary's we can get together and do some mad science experiments!! Yowsie!

Dad spent some time in the ER but is doing better now. Come to find out, his new meds to help with his hyperthyroidism was causing him major problems. He is taking prednisone now and is waiting until the bad meds clear his system. Vegan Momma, we could probably use some advice from you right about now! lol!

I think that's has been a busy week with lots of different emotions popping up here and there but overall, it has been good!

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Judi said...

I am glad your week went well. I know it was an emotional week for you. I hope dad is okay too!

Sonya said...

Glad you had such a full week! I'm excited we'll all be using the same science! Woo Hoo! We definitely have to get together for experiments! Can't wait!