Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I am heavy-hearted over the plane crash that was carrying a transplant team from the University of Michigan Transplant Center. I can't help but think that since one of the docs on-board was a pediatric surgeon that they were retrieving organs for a child. I could be totally wrong about that...the organ could have certainly been for an adult but you know where my mind goes first.

I am so sorry for the families that have been left behind but, in all honesty, my heart is just broken for that family waiting on the life-saving transplant. To get the call saying that organs are available and to start getting ready has got to be a huge ball of emotions...and then to be told that the plane had crashed has just got to be devastating. I'm sure the family has gotten to know these docs well so I can't even fathom what they are feeling right now...such a tragedy.

And what about the donor family? A lot of times, organs are donated because the family wants to help another person...it eases the pain. And I'm sure that the donor family wasn't informed but there are times that you can put two and two together and kind of figure out what has happened.

In my eyes, all of these people involved are heroes: the docs, the patient and family and the donor family. Things like this don't make much sense...but then again there's not much in this ol'
world that does....

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