Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I Want To Be a Big Fat Loser!

  • “Just one more big fattening meal ‘cause I’m going to start really eating well tomorrow!”
  • ”We can eat this ice cream tonight but after this we can’t do this…well, maybe once a month but definitely not nightly!”
  • “Look at my belt buckle…I’m down another notch”

The first two quotes are what you will often hear me say. The last quote is what I have been hearing Pete say! Yep…you guessed it! Pete’s losing weight and I’m gaining it just as fast!! I can’t let this happen…I WILL lose more weight than him…I want to be the Big Fat Loser!!

I have a weight-loss goal chosen. I need to count my carbs and I want to keep a journal. I also want to drink lots of water…I really, really don’t like water but I know it’s so good for us! When I was pregnant and had gestational diabetes, I managed myself very well and I think the key was the journal I had to keep. I’m going to be using MyFitnessPal which offers a free calorie counter where I can keep track of my food intake and exercise. This counter works well with any plan of action you have to lose weight.

And I'm going to start....at lunch! lol!!

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