Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I May Be Addicted...

I have had too much fun with TheNewsRoom site! I keep on coming across videos that I find interesting...like this one below. This just makes me sick! We aren't homeschooling because we are afraid that our children will be physically hurt in government schools...but after seeing things like this, I'm certainly glad that we do educate at home.

So, this child had just been in a fight and we do see him running away from "authority"...most definitely he needs to be disciplined but in the proper way...not by jerking him up by the collar and dragging him down the hallway.

I'm glad that this substitute teacher will no longer be allowed to sub. Shame on him...I hope he has apologized to the child and his family! Sheesh!!

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Sonya said...

Again I'll say that I am SO glad my kids don't have to be out of my sight at all. It's no secret that I am a huge homeschooling advocate and this is just one of the reasons I'm glad God has called us, as parents, to teach our children.