Monday, June 4, 2007

Do You Mash??

I love to embed videos into my posts here on Up the Hill Gang. I usually pull videos from several different places. Most of the videos I embed are funny homemade videos.

I also like to post about current events that I think are interesting or just..well…just funny!

Today I have found the neatest site called The News Room. From The NewsRoom I can pull videos about current events and embed or “mash” them into my posts!! This is very exciting to me…two of my favorite things all rolled up into one nice and neat package!

What’s even better, you can earn money by embedding or mashing these videos into your posts! Each time the video is viewed and each time someone mashes content on your site and it is viewed on their site, you can make money!

There are quite a few categories to pull videos from. The one I’m probably most excited about is the Campaign 2008 and the Health category. Below I have embedded a video from the Science category. It was super easy and quick. I was given two different sizes to choose from and then given the code to copy.

I really like The NewsRoom and will be using it often! You should check it out too!!

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