Friday, June 1, 2007

Google Sreetview

So...what do you think of the new Google Streetview?

I know there are several people concerned because of privacy issues. I guess I can understand that but...really, no need to worry about us peepin' around here because our system is just not that good to see all the little details. All I'm getting is people figures...I don't think I could tell who someone was if I had to! UPDATE: nevermind that previous comment...I CAN see details at some of the places! Yowsie!!

All the privacy issues aside...I think it's a pretty neat application. Gadling has several links to some neat streetviews...I especially like the headless person view! lol! There is also a link to a running list of Google Streetview finds so be sure to check that out too. Several "plumber's cracks" are on the list! lol!!!

I don't know...maybe this would be a good thing for me...maybe I would be inclined to keep my house clean and my britches pulled up!!

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