Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Three Fun Words

I was thinking about how some words are so completely fun to say. Take for example, Mogadishu, hoodia and cantankerous. I think Mogadishu is my all-time favorite even though I don’t get to use it often. Cantankerous is quite easy to throw into a conversation! I don’t say hoodia much either. Besides, I’ve been saying it wrong anyway! It’s pronounced “HOO-dee-ah”…I was saying “hood-e-uh”. The correct pronunciation is so much more fun to say! Who knew it could get better! Lol!

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Leena said...

I like "Poughkeepsie" which I learned from Ally McBeal Another one is "Machu Picchu" from Mickey Mouse. I am not even sure how that one is pronounced in English :)