Thursday, November 8, 2007

Aqua Dots Has Runied Everything!

Well, it figures...the only thing that Belle has asked for as a Christmas present is Aqua Dots and since they turn into the date rape drug when ingested, I don't think she will be getting them! (I'm pretty certain that she would not actually eat them but you never know in this family!)

She told me that she didn't care what else she got just as long as she got Aqua Dots. Every time the ad comes on tv, she yells for me to come and see the beloved Aqua Dots. I have about broken my leg running through the house trying to see what she is freaking out she hurt, has she gotten herself stuck in the hide-a-bed, has she severed her right arm?? No....the Aqua Dots are on tv!

Really, folks, this ain't gonna be pretty.....

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