Saturday, November 17, 2007

Ewwww and More Ewwww!~

I was reading over at CNN about how people are dumping human remains on rides at amusement parks! When I first started reading the article, I had this image of a hand being left on a seat or a leg being dropped over the side into the water. A few more lines into the article and I realized that these people are dumping the cremated remains of their loved ones on the rides not the actual body parts...I'm sick, I guess! lol!! My next question was "why?"....and the article, being the obedient thing it was, answered by explaining that these people do this because they want their loved one's remains to be scattered over a "happy place"....well, of course! Now it is all making sense to me!

Really, I think Rick over at HolyCoast has a much better idea. In fact, I think it's perfect! lol!!

Now that Disneyland allows weddings to take place in the park (with proper approval - they used to be banned altogether), Disney may have to start allowing some sort of memorial service for those dedicated Disneyphiles who just can't stand to be away too long. Maybe they can charge them the cost of an annual pass (without parking - the dearly departed won't need that).

You can read Rick's complete post here.

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