Sunday, November 18, 2007

Soy Candles Help American Farmers

I have always loved candles, but I am kinda picky about the ones I buy. I hate to purchase candles that smell great in the store but after a little bit of burn time, they smell like..well, they don’t smell at all! I really, really, need for my candles to have fragrance all the way through, ya know?

I usually buy Yankee Candles, but the other night, Pete brought home a soy candle. Now, I’ll have to be honest, we have never ever had a soy candle so I was not sure what to expect. I have certainly heard about soy candles, but I have had no idea why they are so popular right now. So when I got the opportunity to review the Maddison Avenue soy candles site, I was looking forward to learning more!

All of the hand-poured candles at Maddison Avenue are made from biodegradable soybean wax which is a renewable resource that helps the American farmers. These candles are also more environmentally friendly because the burn cleaner and put out less carcinogens into the air. Really, just the fact that using soybean wax products is helping American Farmers is enough reason for me to continue purchasing them and I’m sure Pete will agree with me.

Now, not only does Maddison Avenue have an online retail store, but they also sell wholesale soy candles and private labeled soy candles. Neat!

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