Thursday, November 8, 2007

Find Great Tech Deals!

When Pete and I were out on our date at Applebee’s the other night, we got the chance to discuss some possible Christmas gifts for the kids. Isabelle has asked for a Aqua Dots which of course she is not going to get now. She has also asked for a cash register so she can play grocery store…now that we can do but the toxic Aqua Dots just won’t work! Lol! Nik wants a DS Lite and Jake, well, he hasn’t mentioned a single thing yet. He has been taking a photography class and seems to be liking the whole thing rather well so we thought a digital camera might be good for him. Right now he has been using mine which is not a really big problem except that there are a lot of times where I can’t find it because he’s got it.

There are a ton of different digital cameras to choose from so I really don’t even know where to begin. I did find a site called Techbargains where I can find out about all the latest deals and steals. I can also find coupons and rebates for different techy things, not just digital cameras. I think I will sign up for the tech bargains e-mail newsletter which is a weekly update of the best deals. I certainly plan on checking out the product reviews and comparisons! This should make my Christmas shopping quite a bit easier this year! Neat!

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dawnae said...

cool idea, my son is always asking for techi stuff that I have no Idea what it is!